Duodo Palace Hotel
Duodo Palace Hotel


The Duodo Palace Hotel of Venice is located inside a historic seventeenth century building set in the elegant Sestiere ofSan Marco, close to campo San Fantino, the prestigious Ateneo Veneto to the Teatro La Fenice.

Here, beside the age-old church of San Fantino, the Ateneo Veneto was, in the XVII century, home of a confraternity named after the Madonna who was devoted in accompanying the condemned to the gallows and, for this reason, this confraternity took the name of Confraternita di Santa Maria della Giustizia.

Along with so much devotion, in the building beside the church, two well known ‘courtesans’ carried out their activities. They were the sisters Anna and Bettina Vidoni, who were in constant conflict with the confraternity for the possession of nearby building premises. At the time this fact stirred up quite a lot of laughter and the ironic epigram spread all over Venice. It went something like this: “Gran sussurro, gran schiamazzo xè sta fato ancuo a palazzo tra la scola dei picai e la casa dei pecai (A lot of whispering, a lot of quarelling because there is a lot of conflict between the house of sinners and the house of sins).”

A short distance away from the campo, the rooms of the Duodo Palace Hotel welcome you in the peace and quiet of Calle Minelli, who took its name from the family from Bergamo who, because of the marriage to the daughter of the Maccarelli family, came into possession of streets, courts and interior of porticos in 1650.

Corte Minelli was once known as Cà Giustinian, because it is said that in 1381 Lorenzo Giustinian was born here. He was the first patriarch of Venice and at the beginning of the XVIII century became blessed Nicolò, bishop of the Island of Torcello, of Verona and then of Padua.

Duodo Palace Hotel